Beauty Sleep Is LEGIT & Here’s The Proof…

“Why is it called beauty sleep, when I wake up looking like a troll?” 

We totally get it, sometimes a glance in the mirror first thing in the morning can be a little scary (OK sometimes it’s terrifying!) and while our hair is messy,  our eye brows are frayed, and seriously, where did that cheerio even come from?! It’s our SKIN we should be paying attention to.

 You don’t expect your phone to work a full day on 10% battery, right? So why do we push our bodies after a night of restlessness? Getting enough sleep is like a recharge for our bodies and skin. While you’re sleeping, your skin repairs itself and recovers.  Think of getting 7 – 9 hours of sleep as hitting full battery power to start each day.


Here’s How Sleep Deprivation Is Ruining Your Skin.


Increase In WrinklesNew collagen is made while you sleep. Only getting 5 hours of sleep or less can lead to twice as many fine lines and wrinkles as you would get on a full 7 hours of sleep.


Tired Eyes – Sleep deprivation leads to noticeable redness in our eyes and puffiness around them. This is because, when blood isn’t flowing properly it can collect around the thin skin surrounding this area, and becomes more visible. 


Decreased Blood Flow – Your body increases in blood flow when sleeping, leading to fuller glowing skin in the morning. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’ll begin to notice more dull and deflated looking skin or decreased skin elasticity leading to droopy eyes and cheek lines.


Increased Stress Levels – Stress is seriously increased when you miss out on some Z’s. This can increase acne, accelerate hair loss, hair and skin damage, or sometimes a lead to a complete pause in new hair growth all together. Your hair follicles need proper nutrients to nourish growth, but those nutrients are diminished without proper sleep.



A Constant Frown Not only do we feel sad when we’re tired, but we physically show signs on our face whether we notice it happening or not. A constant frown  is one of the most common signs of sleep deprivation as we age. This is because the corners of our mouths begin to droop without a full night’s rest. Crazy, right?!


Stop Stressing And Get To Sleeping!


During the first few hours of sleep, our bodies produce human growth hormone, without it, our skin doesn’t repair itself, and rapidly increases the aging process. During mid sleep, melatonin is produced and acts as an antioxidant protecting our skin from damage. During REM sleep, our bodies drop to their lowest temperature causing our muscles to relax and go into their deepest recovery of the night helping the appearance of our skin on the surface too.

So no more skimping out on a a full night’s sleep! Remember to stay hydrated before bed, elevate your head with an extra pillow to increase blood flow to the face, and apply a body moisturizer and quality face moisturizer, like our Glow Show Face Cream before hitting the pillow at night for optimal results. 🙂  


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