How Alcohol Affects Your Skin & Why You Should Give A *Sip*

We live in a time where alcohol consumption is constantly surrounding us. From our friends instagram posts, to brunch invites, to picture perfect cocktail recipe videos filling our social media feeds. It’s easy to over indulge in something when it’s made out to be so glamorous, but here’s why your resting brunch face might be more of a reality than a funny saying #ThirstyThursday #WineWednesday #TipsyTuesday…

Bad News For Booze

Alcohol literally dehydrates you from the inside out: Alcohol works as a diuretic, causing you to urinate more, so the more you drink alcohol the more your system discards water and fills with empty fluids. A dehydrated body begins to show on the outside, causing that beautiful glow of yours to turn into more of a pale gray.

Your skin feels hungover too: Premature skin aging (like wrinkles and fine lines) can be caused by toxic byproducts being released into your system after your liver works to metabolize the alcohol. This also leads to those pesky pimples and zits you find after a night out with friends.

That redness won’t always fade away: You know that friend that turns beet red after a night out? That’s called alcohol flush, and it’s a sign that their body can’t properly metabolize the alcohol being consumed, leading to red patches being displayed on their face, neck, chest, and shoulders.

All the pore strips in CVS won’t help: Alcohol consumption enlarges pores, leaving more room for sweat and makeup to get clogged after a night out on the town or afternoon brunch. We know it sucks but the truth hurts, babe. (Don’t kill the messenger)

Good News For You

The good news is, there are steps you can take to help combat some of the side effects from drinking. And while there’s no magic potion to reverse a night out, there are ways to help your body regenerate itself.

Don’t binge drink: Moderation is key, anything more than 4 drinks in 1 night is considered excessive.

Stay Hydrated: Follow the 1 for 1 rule, for every drink your have, follow with a glass of water. Add lemon or cucumber if possible to help the detox process.

Drink less often: We get it, there’s something satisfying about thinking of that glass of wine or mix drink after a long day at work, but try and cut down to 2 days a week. This gives your body more time to recover and regenerate itself between drinks.

Skimp on the mix drinks: A general rule of thumb is – the more sugar the drink contains the more damage to your skin it can cause. Opt for something a little less sweet and colorful for your last drink of the day. its a small step that can make significant difference.

Give your skin some TLC: As mentioned above, drinking enlarges pores, making it easier for them to get clogged with gunk so washing your face is crucial. Our No Filter Needed Face Cleanser and Glow Show Face Cream will be your new best friends after a cocktail or 2. 😉




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