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So many uses for the fabulous oil! I use a couple pumps on the ends of my clean wet hair to add extra shine and moisture, I add it to the LOTION after a shower or bath to really hydrate my skin. And I also use it on my face where I need extra moisture. It soaks in quickly and never feels oily.
the organic oil is a life changer

Kelly R. - Ephrata, PA

This is such a great multi-use product! Great to apply on the tops of my hands to fade age spots and reduce lines. I use it in the winter on my cheeks to prevent them from chapping, and I use it in my hair also for extra moisture.
The Oil is the Best multi-use product

Marie D. - Aberdeen, MD

This is the only lotion I ever found to not only work and heal cracks on my fingers - but it is not greasy. Working on equipment I never used lotion because of slipping the tools through my hands. SANZ lotion absorbs quickly and really softens my hands and healed the cracks.
Lotion that heals cracks in my fingers

Chet N. - Fredericksburg, PA

Great lather! Very economical! I only use a little with my bath pouf. AND a great side benefit - I've noticed I don't have shower scum to scrub off the walls anymore!
Little goes a long way

Ann C. - Columbia, PA

I really like this Body Wash. Nice clean smell - not flowery. I am a farrier by trade and work outdoors with horses all the time. It cleans good and I don't have to use a lot for a good job.
A man who loves the body wash

Patrick N. - Fredericksburg, PA

I love everything about SANZ Shampoo! My color doesn't fade; my hair is softer and shinier and I don't lose nearly as much hair as I used to when I washed it - I really wasn't expecting that!
Shampoo doesn’t fade my color?!

Lisa N - Fredericksburg, PA

I absolutely love the shampoo and conditioner! It thoroughly hydrates but doesn't weigh my hair down. My hair and scalp feel so healthy. I also love the fact that it doesn't have any harmful chemicals or synthetic emulsifiers that build up in your hair over time. It is perfectly balancing and safe for my entire family.
Love the Shampoo & Conditioner

Alisha S. - Annville, PA, Professional Anesthetist

I recently tried SANZ products and fell in LOVE with them!! One morning application of the lotion and my hands stay moisturized and soft all day long! The simple, yet effective collection smells wonderful, makes my skin and hair feel silky smooth and soft, and the price is AMAZING!!! You must try these products, you will never go back!!
Lotion that lasts all day

Sara Dooley - Baltimore, MD

I have been using "regular" facial cleansers since I was 14, but after trying out Sanz I will never go back! My face feels so fresh, clean and my breakouts are gone.
Switched to Sanz and never looking back!

Janie - Washington

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