The Longest Lasting Lashes Can’t Be Found In Stores.

Lashes For Days Years!

We talk about having “lashes for days” but we all know we should have them for a majority of our lifetime! Although they’re mainly seen as a beauty feature, their primary function is to protect the eyes from those microscopic little pests we battle daily such as dust, sand, or debris from harming our eyes. They’re basically cute fluttering superheroes on our face and deserve a little more appreciation.


Lash procedures have been all the craze lately, and with all the different styles, colors, and stunning results we can see why, but it’s so important to remember to give your natural lashes some TLC too! Innocent mistakes each day can lead to poor lash health. 

You may be surprised at a few of the pesky culprits harming little lashes. Are you guilty of any of the following offenses?

Sleeping with mascara on: Mascara that’s left on overnight dries out your lashes and results in brittle strands or lash loss. 

Using expired mascara: Most mascaras have an average lifespan of 4 – 5 months. After that, you should toss it out, if not, it could lead to risk of bacterial bacterial infection after using the expired product.

Excessive use of your lash curler: Constant pulling and tugging at the base of your lashes irritates the follicles. While finding a few lashes on the curler may not be alarming, you may notice an increased amount of lash loss with excessive daily use.

Skipping out on moisturizing: This one takes some people by surprise… with our eyes being so delicate, what are some safe moisturizers for our lashes? We like to keep it simple and rub a small amount of coconut oil, or castor oil along the lash line with a Q-tip. Castor oil has been said to even improve the length and thickness of lashes overtime as well!

Toxic lash glue: Constant use of lash glue can be damaging to not only your natural lashes, but also your eyes as well. Cheap lash glues are difficult to get off completely with a simple wash and often leave small particles of debri within our lashes. This can lead to irritation in our eyes causing constant rubbing and scratching to relieve the irritation as well as possible infection.

Over use of lash extensions: Extensions should not be used as a replacement for mascara. While the results are stunning and the process is safe and easy, there should be a limit to how many times the procedure is done yearly. An increased number of beauty accounts on social media are sharing their stories of complete loss of their natural lashes due to overuse of professional lash extensions. Yikes!

Using a gentle and nontoxic facial cleanser at the end of the day to remove makeup on and around the eyes is important! Try our No Filter Needed Facial Wash, or bundle and save with our face cream by trying our Selfie Starter Kit 

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