What one thing should you eliminate immediately and why, and how.

People ask me all the time, “If there was one thing you would recommend eliminating from my diet, what would it be?” The answer is simple – refined sugar.

Sugar is the primary cause for inflammation in the body, and inflammation in the body is the root cause of most chronic health conditions. Arthritis, heart issues, autoimmune diseases, diabetes are all inflammation related.

What most people don’t realize is foods that aren’t refined sugar per se can still metabolize into sugar later. White potatoes, white grains, white pasta, most alcoholic beverages are all on the list.

Sugar promotes metabolic dysfunction. Keeping the body metabolics in balance is imperative in aging. It’s also imperative to ward off cancers. Many cancer cells are fed by glucose which promotes cell division causing cancers to spread faster.

Sugar metabolizes directly into fat in the body. It also taxes the liver. But remember, sugar in its natural form is not inherently bad. Nobody would consider apples bad, for instance. It’s the processed sugars that can be deadly.

How do you eliminate sugars? Start reading labels. You’ll be amazed at just how many “convenience” foods are loaded with it. A warning : eliminating sugar from your diet is not easy as you will see once you stop. You’ll feel like you have the flu for several days. That’s because most of us are addicted to sugar and we don’t even realize it. However, if you stick with it you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel, and that you didn’t even realize how bad you’d been feeling. And when you fall off the sugar wagon, you’ll feel bad again. Not eating sugar will become a habit; you won’t want it once you realize the difference. Feeling bad again won’t be worth it.

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